The world is a vast and unforgiving place. Humanity is scarce, and compassion scarcer. Mysterious underground ruins hint at an ancient civilization now long past. Stone statues to heroes, and faces carved into mountains are the only testaments that have survived the test of time. Magic exists only in tales, and myth. During the daytime sky a constellation of silvery objects can be seen, and never moves through the heavens as other bodies do. At night it is brighter than the moon, and washes out the river of stars beyond.

Our heroes have grown up in a farming community cut off from ties with others. A strong martial tradition, and self-sufficient attitudes are pervasive.

Recently an incursion of slavers was fought off by our heroes. The village elders know that they came across the mountains. They have told the heroes that they are descended from escaped slaves. They have given them a new task. Head back into the Nation and rescue more slaves. Help those slaves over the mountains, and do anything in their power to disrupt the Nation’s plans.

Titan by danil loves food

Broken Fields

erowhon Titan by danillovesfood